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Plan Your Wedding The Way Every Bride & Groom To Be Should

Weddings are meant to be fun and celebration but to make it happen the bride and groom-to-be has to hustle to make it the way they want it. We know how tiring planning a wedding could be. It's makes both overwhelming and exicting but here's is what you should to do orderly—simplified version. 

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0. The budget

Instead of fixing for a round amount give your budget a range between RMxx,xxx and RMxx,xxx (insert your country currency). You will be able to give and take on the planning as per your liking without having to adjust.

1. Set a number for your guest list

That's right before you jump into your wedding theme, wedding dresses etc, get the numbers. From there you can go on fixing the venue and later on you will be able to settle on the number of servings and menu for lunch / dinner / reception

2. Choose the where and when

Weather are extremely unpredictable these days. So, if you are planning for an outdoor wedding, be sure to check on the forecast months ahead and prepare a portable shade handy. We don't want our guest to get wet and soggy, do we? Unless, if you wish to get all drenched up going around the sacred fire to make your wedding more memorable ;)

3. Here comes your outfit

When the basic is set, you now have the leisure time to plan and select your outfits whether you are planning to go traditional or add in fusion to your dresses—a traditional Kanjeevaram/Silk saree, lehenga or a gown.

4. Invites

With growing technologies we too need to move ahead. Go for digital invitations, there are tones out there. 

Oh yes, we get it. How can we not print physical cards? That's how it has been for years! Of course, 30 years back we did not have the facilities and invention as we do now. At this time with climate and forests are being destroyed, we need to think more than twice while we source out for a more sustainable option.

Opting out the physical card doesn't mean we can't invite guests physically. For sure, you could. Grab a tray, fill it with fruits, flowers, sandal paste and kumkum. Go as you would the traditional way, invite them personally and be sure to send them a copy of your digital invitation. But if you have some who would make fuss, find a invite maker who would provide a printed copy in smaller number, not all providers allow printing of their digital invitation. (Psst... we have lots of thief in this field.)

If you are looking for unique wedding E-invitation in reasonable price, checkout our unique design templates at FULLACHI. Note, we do not offer customisation on colour, designs and illustration.

5. Finalise your vendors

This are crucial like all others, so get their dates and lock their schedule for your event before it gets too late.  

6. All Set!

It's D day and all you got to do is take a deep breath, enjoy the day as the event flows smoothly. You have a lot to do, greet your guests, taste some amazing foods, take lots of pictures and shake your legs to some fantastic songs. 

That's about it! Indian weddings are a pack of traditions and customs and lots of fun. Do not miss any of it, grab a wedding planner and plan your wedding like a pro.