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How to Choose My Wedding Theme

The Wedding Theme

While some may overlook this topic most of the brides to wish to have a certain theme for their wedding. Are you one of them? If you are, continue to read through as you find out how to choose the perfect theme for your wedding.

Deciding on the theme can be exhausting especially when you have tonnes of visual reference on the internet with various style and concepts. But, once you know how to narrow down your option it will be an easy-peasy task! Here's a few things you may need to consider while you work on your wedding theme. You dont't necessarily have to follow all these, you can pick one or two and work around it.

The Venue

Your wedding venue plays a vital role in expressing your theme in the first glance. The style of the existing venue adds up to the look of your wedding theme. For example, your venue is a hall and your theme happens to be 'woodland mystical forest'. We are sure your wedding decorates will pull it off if you give them the liberty but the almagation of outdoor feel and indoor clamp will most likely suffocate your guests. You know why? To bring a forest feel in an indoor space requires a lot additonal decorative items to be added in the venue. 

So, if your theme is indeed a mystical forest theme then be sure to choose a venue that has ample of open space.

The Personality

Sometimes your personality speaks louder that can be expressed out atmosherically. Although wedding decors are mostly narrowed down to floral and coloured themed some may want to take an extra step, after all its a day you will look back. Specifically narrow down to the most loudest (a trait that is the most prominent of all) personality of each other and combine them together. 

Example, if one of you love's travelling and the other is a foodie. Speak to your wedding decorators if they can incorporate travelling elements to your wedding theme and same to the caterers, talk with them about how you can add dishes from different country into your wedding menus. 

The Colour

Colours too are considered a part of your personality. They reflect the energy, ambience of the wedding and the mood. Choosing the right shade of colour can be challenging, if you are going for two colours, always have one vibrant colour and a complimenting lighter shade of another colour. That way the colour combination will balance the look of your wedding. 

The Mood Board

Ever heard of moodboard? Mood board is basically a set of random reference picture you take from internet or your camera roll and make it into a collage. These moodboard will then give your wedding decorators an idea on how to sparkle your wedding with their play of colours and elements.

The Budget

Everything boils down to the budget. Every now and then check if your theme plan meets the budget and if you have trouble deciding, go to your wedding decor planner. They are experienced and surely know how to play around with decorations and budget. 

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